Accelera is a boutique firm dedicated to performance enhancement, personal development and measurable growth for our clients. We specialize in answering real business challenges and developing scalable solutions through the use of technology, innovation and deep industry knowledge. From social media management and branding down to talent acquisitions and creating an awesome customer experience, we leave no stone unturned!







We seek to match only the best talent with exciting opportunities that provide new challenges, financial gain or fresh direction. Sourcing is not just one task among many; rather it’s what we do every day. The skill of sourcing absolutely matters, especially in the digital age. Much of Accelera’s success comes from spending the necessary time doing “deep industry research” needed to seek out in demand candidates. Even with the most powerful digital tools available, the research stage of sourcing may take many hours and is on-going. Accelera recruiters have the expertise to find candidates with specialized skill sets locally, regionally and nationally.